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See my new corals at MAX

I"ll be showing off my new corals April 6 & 7 at the Marine Aquarium Expo, don't miss it! My famous Purple Nana Acropora will be back after a 2 year absence. This will be my 6th year at the show, how time flies. See you there.

Phosphate Information that Changes Everything

Phosphate Information that Changes Everything

Welcome to my first blog on the new Lighthouse Aquatics website. I've been on a phosphate rampage as of late. It all started a few month ago when my supplier was out of my regular phosphate test kit. I went with a more expensive brand from Salifert and to my surprise, all of my tanks were testing high in phosphate. I wondered how this could be. I've always used phosphate media in all my tanks, except freshwater. What I discovered has changed everything I thought about water chemistry, and changed the way I test and maintain all my tanks.

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