Aquarium Service

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Hi my name is Tim Walsh owner of Lighthouse Aquatics. My goal has been to provide the best aquarium service possible for your aquarium. The best way to achive long term success and health of your aquarium is through water changes. My service include a recomended 20% a month water change (salt or fresh), vacuum gravel, cleaning all filter media and equipment, water testing, cleaning glass inside and out, and adding carbon and buffers as needed. I specialize in reef aquariums but I'm happy to take care of your fish only saltwater, nano, freshwater or planted tank. I have a minimum charge of $55 for freshwater tanks 50 gal and under and $65 for saltwater (fish only) 50gal and under per service. Please call for an est on all other tank sizes. I offer weekly, biweekly, monthly, vacation or as needed service.